Translation of Statement regarding the Egyptian Aerial bombing of the city of Derna by Shura Council of Derna

Translated by @TheMaghrebiNote

“Today, the city of Derna has become catastrophic due to the targeting of innocent people in several neighbourhoods of Derna from the Egyptian Airforce that resulted in the deaths of many innocent children and innocent women in their homes and a lot of wounded, some with serious & critical injuries.

We, the Shura Council of the Mujahideen in Derna and its suburbs express our condolences and sympathy with those families of the Martyrs, and we ask Allah the lord to keep them patient and grant them comfort, and we wish for them a quick recovery to those wounded in this Egyptian Barbaric aggression.

As we also see that these current events are nothing except another pretext and cover, in order to justify external aggression on the country by those who follow the Criminal Hafar and the Egyptian intelligence – and also particularly the intention of this Egyptian aggression against Derna was declared long ago where the Egyptian Airforce previously targeted the city many times under the so called ‘Operation Dignity’, as well as the big media incitement by the Egyptian media on the city of Dernah.

And we all know that we in the Shura Council of Mujahideen in Derna and its suburbs was not founded except to protect the innocent and to repel aggression against them regardless of their nationality.

And we also assure our people in Egypt that the Children of Egyptian workers are in safety and hospitality as they also entrusted this situation decades ago

And lastly: We say to the criminal Sisi and his follower, the war criminal Haftar – that the blood of our children and women will not be cheap, and there will be a harsh and painful response, in the right time and place.

And Allah is predominant over all his affairs, but most people are unaware.“


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