Translation of new IS video featuring two Tuareg-fighters in Tripoli

First speaker, Abu Sulayman, Tuareg:

“A message to our brothers everywhere wether in Libya, Mali or Algeria, we say peace upon you and brothers, the time has come for you to give allegiance to the ‘Islamic Caliphate’, because the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ is not what the people claim about it.
The ‘Islamic State’ is subjected to distortion by the media through their false lies. And I say to the youth that ‘Jihad’ is an individual obligation in this current battle and let anyone who is not excused of the youth march forth to ‘Jihad’. And at last I send my greetings to all of our brothers and specifically those in Azawad” (Northen Mali)

Second Speaker, Abu Umar, Tuareg:

“I want to send a message to our brothers and sisters everywhere, we are here in the ‘Islamic State’ and we call them to Migrate to the ‘Islamic State’ and that they should not believe the lies of the disbelievers on the TV-stations and the Internet, and we are right now in the ‘Islamic State’ full of happiness, happiness that the happiest of the disbelievers does not feel, wether its happiness in the soul or in the body. And I call my Tuareg brothers to migrate to the ‘Islamic State’ and that they give pledge of allegiance to “The leader of the Believers” Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and we call them to unite and to discard disunity. The people do not believe that it is a legitimate Islamic State and the disbeliever say about it that it is a terrorist organisation and they refer to it with the worst of names and they do all of that in order for the people not to join the ‘Islamic State’. And for that reason I urge all the brothers to give allegiance to the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ and to migrate to it and to become among its people, the disbelievers want to distract you from your religion through publishing of images and tv-series and they refer to ‘Jihad’ as being terrorism in order to bring you away from your religion through lies. Now, the disbelievers do not bother or care about all banners except for the ‘Banner of Tawhid’ (monotheism). If the banner of Tawheed (monotheism) is raised on truth then the whole word seeks to fight it. And lastly, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.”


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