Summary of new statement by Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade, based in #Dernah

A new released statement by Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade named:
{Message to our people in the neighboring areas of the city of Derna}

1) The group confirms that the are happy on behalf of Dernah on the good spirits in the city, the brotherhood and the closeness of the people towards each other.

2) But they also stress that certain people are trying to cause disunity and corruption in the city and its surrounding areas, deceiving the people through lies and manipulations

3) As late as today, a bomb was struck one of their camps, causing to kill one of their fighters

4) These people who are causing corruption are all remnants of the Gaddafi Regime who spreading corruption

5) They call on all the residents of Dernah to protect their children from the hands of those who sold their religion, referring to Haftar who they see as the enemy of the Muslim people in Libya – and to take note from what is happening in #Benghazi, and to not fall into the same trap

6) They call on all groups who wish to work for Islam and extend their hands to them – in a call to unite against the enemy that is Haftar



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