Assassinations and killing sprees in Benghazi

In Benghazi the residents have been witnessing what can be classified as constant assassinations from gunmen & Militia inside the city, killing prominent and in some case unknown civilians.

The most well known incident in recent time, occurred on Friday the 19th September when an activist by the name Tawfiq Bensauud was killed in Benghazi while driving with his friend. The death of Tawfiq have not been claimed by anyone, but media and other vocal figures suspected Islamists for this killing due to Tawfiiqs vocal opposition of them.

I asked Tarik Lamloum, a human rights activist working in Benghazi about this incident and another incident, where a lawyer by the name of Salwa was killed and her husband taken as a hostage, until now he is held. I asked him about the killing of Tawfiiq, and he pointed out to me that the Islamist have been suspected because Tawfiiq Bensauud have been against them vocally and he publicly denounced them, but Lamloum also pointed out that there has been no evidence that the Islamist killed them…and they themselves have not claimed any responsibility.
As for the killing of Salwa who was a lawyer in Benghazi, Tarik Lamloum pointed out to me that the sister of Salwa had expressed that she does not accuse the Islamists of killing her sister – rather it was well known that the Husband of Salwa, which is now kidnapped by unknown men, was supposed to be the mayor of Benghazi.

For three years there has been killings and assassinations in Benghazi – reporters, elders, doctors, lawyers and other prominent figures in Benghazi have been murdered. Tarik Lamloum pointed out to me that it is very well known in Benghazi by the residents that there are criminals who take money from any party in order to murder and kill people in exchange for money. The Islamists are not the only ones who conduct these operations, but it is also well known that army officers (from Haftar forces) have assassinated elders inside Mosques, while officers loyal to Haftar have also been killed,Tarik Lamloum told me.

Picture of the now dead Tawfik Bensaud, a political activist in Benghazi, killed in September by unknown gunmen



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