What is happening in Benghazi? 15/10/14

Report published by: TheMaghrebiNote

It is the 15th October of 2014, Haftar and his allies announced yesterday on live TV that they will try to “liberate” the city from the Islamists that expelled them in July. Early in the day, clashes started to arise in different districts of the city. Main clashes are taking place in a camp where the Feb 17 Martyrs Brigade (led by Commander Jalal Makhzoum) had base. The situation is that a last remaining camp in the city was held by a group who was Loyal to Haftar and his Militia, though when the Islamists back in July had claimed all camps except for that last one, these forces claimed to be neutral and claimed that they did not support Haftar. Instead today they turned around in support of Haftar, and this is the clashes that are taking place right now, it is between these Forces and the Islamists. Ansar Al-Sharia had launched a ‘Martyrdom’ operation against the 204 camp where the Loyalists of Haftar, who only started supporting him today are stationed. Heavy fighting going on still till this time Clashes are also still taking place in the region of #Banina, where the Haftar Forces are trying to break free to enter the city, Islamists are sieging with tanks and other heavy weaponry – while Haftar use airstrikes launched from Banina airfield to bomb Islamist positions inside the city A freelance journalist in Benghazi confirmed to me, that Haftar forces have still not entered Benghazi…

Pictures from today in #Benghazi – in the district of Kiish, streets are empty and the residents are inside their homes…clashes still ongoing 10410855_723334207755438_787749709061035012_n10645314_723334764422049_8646417662362821935_n


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