Statement by #AQIM, through the Spokesman of #AQIM “Abderrahman Al-Azawadi” obtained by the, “Al-Akhbar” news agency from Mauretania

Translated by; TheMaghrebiNote

“Statement from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (the branch of the Great Sahara Desert)…based on the words of Allah the almighty; “And fight them till there is not fitna, and the whole religion is for Allah”…

We claim responsibility for the following:

First: The martyrdom operation in the area of ‘Beer’…60 kilometres east of Timbuktu which was done by the heroic martyr, Abu Qutaibah Al-Sahrawi, targeting a base of the Peace-keeping forces – which destroyed the greater part of the base, praise and gratitude is due to Allah…on the 16th august of 2014

Second: car-bombing of the Peace-keeping forces at a distance of 13 kilometres away from Timbuktu, which caused it’s destruction, on 30th June of 2014

Third: The car-bombing of the United Nations on the road of ‘Kundam’, 45 kilometres from Timbuktu, which killed three members, dated 12th June of 2014

Fourth: Launch of rockets at Timbuktu Airport on Saturday the 12th July 2014, and it’s impact on the French forces showed their true faces when they arrested two young men isolated from the Tuaregs near Timbutu on Sunday the 13th July 2014 – the two young men accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda denied any relationship to Al-Qaeda, and we consider this an act of aggression towards the Muslim people in Mali, and we remind the French Government led by the Pharaoh of this era, Francis Hollande and his army that this war is open and that indeed the best outcome is for those who Fear Allah…

And God willing, we shall show them as the days pass by

And in the end we want to congratulate our brothers in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Sham) and likewise our brothers from Ahlul-Sunnah (Sunni) and the groups in Nigeria”

30/8/2014 –

Source is from an article written on the Al-Akhbar news Agency;


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