Translation of “Al-Akhbar” article about Al-Mourabitoun denying responsibility for taking French Hostage;

Translated by: TheMaghrebiNote

The spokesman of the group, Al-Mourabitoune denied having anything to with the fate of the French hostage, “Gilberto Rodriguez” who was kidnapped in Western Mali on the night of the twentieth November of 2012.

Abu Assim Al-Muhajir, the spokesman said in a Press release received by “Al-Akhbar” – that the French Hostage whose death was announced in April last year was in the hands of the two figures which are; Mohammed Ag, the Military commander of MNLA and Mohammed Sidi Ahmed Ould, a leader of Arab Azawad Movement – stressing that the french government know that very well.

Abu Assim said in his statement, that the Mujahideen have not had any information regarding the French hostage since the French aggression in Azawad in the beginning of 2012 – and that the French Government knows very well that – and we advice the Family of Rodriguez pressure Hollande (Defense Min. of France) to publicly unveil the mysterious and tell the truth

It should be noted that Ould L’awinat who is accused by Al-Mourabitoun for the responsibility of the mysterious hostage-taking, was the most prominent associate of the former leader of MUAJO, Sultan Ould Bady before he appeared recently as a leader in one of the wings of the Arab Azawad Movement after defecting from Mujao on the eve of its merge with Al-Mourabitoune in August 2013.

MUJAO had announced before its merge with Al-Mourabitoune that it had the responsibility for the kidnapping of the French Hostage, before having a spokesman being attributed to them, at the news of his death (the hostage) last April


Link to the original article in Arabic;



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