Mokhtar Elmokhtars group (Al-mourabitoune) speaks out. English summary of latest interview w/ ANI

Written by: TheMaghrebiNote

“Almourabitoune” (Les Almoravides/The Sentinels) speak out 1 year after the French Invasion, now merging with the group, “Mujao” (Movement for oneness and jihad in west africa),

A telephone conversation between ANI (mauritanian news agency) and the spokesman of the Jihadist group in Mali, Almourabitoune, El Hajar.

El hajar talked about different points, number 1 he confirmed that his group, Almourabitoune was behind the rocket attacks made in Timbuktu area against the french forces, number 2 he also made clear that Mujao that was led by the now dead, Oumane Hamaha, is no longer existing, but it fusioned with Mokhtar Belmokhtars group, Almourabitoune. So practically Oumane Hamaha aka “Red Beard” pledged allegiance to Al-Mourabitoune.
Number 3, El Hajar also adressed the French forces, he said that during the Rocket attacks at timbuktu area, his group had achieved its goals, BUT, the french are not willing to admit to their losses. And El Hajar ended with saying, “The attacks on the French invaders at the airport are a part of series of attacks coming up, Mali still continues despite the French Invasion, with Allahs help”


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