Interview with Abu Assem Al-Muhajir, Spokesman of Al-Mourabitoune [claiming the recent attack in Al-Mustarat] (Transcript)

Translated by: TheMaghrebiNote 

Transcript (Translated): [Video version subtitled can be found at;]
“In the name of Allah, and peace and blessings upon the best of messengers (Prophet Muhammad pbuh)
And there is no agression except upon the agressors, to preceed

One of the members of the group; Al Mourabitoune was able to break into a gathering of western french forces with a Car-bomb, which detonated successfully and this was in the region of Al-Mustarat
And so we claim responsibility, and this is an attack in response to the propoganda of the French, in their attempt to eliminate the Mujahideen

Indeed the Operation “Serval” was targeted against muslims in this region – and it did not succeed except that it caused civil war and tribal conflicts, and except that it has removed and replaced the days of Islamic ruling in this region.
And of course the French tried to cover up the impact of the operation and the loss they gained –
The French are taking advantage of the fragile situation in the region – and they did not announce it at the beginning except at the loss of a soldier, and that was due to an incident in the region

And this is not the only car-bomb attack that have been conducted by the group of Al-Mourabitoune or other Islamic groups since the start of the Operation “Serval”…
And Allah is predominant over his affairs, but most of Mankind does not know”


Eventually a few points can be raised and a few things are important to mention…
1) The credibility of Abu Assem Al-Muhajir, we have seen him before acting as a spokesman, last time when he was out denying that Oumar Hamaha had been killed by the French (Read Here) – and this could very much confirm his links to Al-Mourabitoune
2) The group that belongs to Mokhtar Belmokhtar was the one behind this attack, hence it once again shows his presence mainly being in this area – and the activity from the Jihadi’s is once again rising

Original audio file uploaded by “Al-Akhbar, Mauretanian News Agency”;




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