Expelling of Jihadi leaders in Mali

Written by: TheMaghrebiNote

AQIM leaders have been expelled towards the algerian borders just like Ansar Dine leaders, including Iyad Ag Ghaly who is the leader of Ansar Dine, who has been seen active around Tinzouweten, the Algerian side1 – where they (Ansar Dine) have gathered there strongholds. It is also reported that Iyad Ag Ghaly is now living in this area, and this is mainly where they (Ansar Dine) organize from.

AQIM former supposed leader in Mali, Mokhtar Belmokhtar have now defected from AQIM and formed his group, named Al-Mourabitoune. They have most likely been expelled towards Niger borders with Mali, since their main operation have been near Gao and Timbuktu regions.
in 14th May 2013, few months after the french intervened in Mali in order to fight the Jihadi forces, a french Uranium mine in Niger was attacked2 – supposedly by Mokhtar Belmokhtars new group, Al-mourabitoune. That also indicates their “retreatment” being towards Niger area.


Map illustrating the conditions

Map illustrating the conditions




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